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GDPR - Help Make Your Site Compliant

Aug 5, 2019
2 mins

On the 28th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation was implemented. This threw a spanner in the works for many small businesses and sole traders who had websites as it is confusing on how to become compliant - you'll need to read this if you want the big picture! I'm chipping away at the confusion in this article, one template at a time.

Covering the Basics

Introducing Legalo, a company whose mission it is to help website owners reach compliance, be it GDPR or anything else. Legalo's research found that over half of all small businesses websites were not compliant with basic legal requirements. They were missing privacy policies, cookie policies and terms of use. All three of which are legal requirements here in the UK. WJH Agency has joined forces with Legalo to offer all our clients free access to their GDPR Website Compliance Kit. These legal document templates include:

  • Their best-selling Privacy policy and notice template (including a cookies policy)
  • Staff and contractor data privacy notice template (use with your HR procedures)
  • Supplier contract addendum template – data processing warranties
  • Customer contract addendum template – data collection warranties
  • Candidate privacy notice template (use with your HR procedures)
  • Record of data collection and processing activities (under Article 30 of GDPR)
  • Terms of use of website template
  • Email disclaimer template

All worth over £130. For WJH Agency clients? Free. Every template comes with a no-jargon guide, to help walk you through how to use the documents for your own website. Best of all, Legalo stands by their commitment to keeping all template up-to-date, free-of-charge. You'll receive friendly emails to let you know when a new version of the document is available to download.


Legalo also offers a complimentary help-desk service. They can guide you through templates they offer that pull their weight for your business, saving you a load of money in the process. This is not a replacement for specific legal advice from qualified professionals relating to your website. That said, if your site is brand new and reasonably simple in its functionality, these documents should lift some weight off your shoulders. Check out Legalo’s wide variety of low priced legal templates for your business and personal use, saving you time and money all in one go.


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