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Providing Your Content

Aug 5, 2019
3 mins

Starting a new website is an exciting time. It is essential to have all your content ready to go, as this ensures I can build your website as swiftly as possible. As with any site development, there is a lot to think about, so having your content ticked off helps reduce the stress and speed the process up, win-win.

Storing Your Files

You've probably come across the term Cloud Storage before. For the general population, this equates to a USB stick in the cloud (on the internet). Put what you want on it, and download what you want from it, from any device, anywhere in the world. Best of all, you can share your files with other people. There are hundreds of cloud storage providers out there, but the best ones that Spurwing trusts and recommends are the following:

Dropbox (free & paid)

WeTransfer (free & paid)

Naming Your Files

Efficient folder and document names are a great way to stay organised, not just for your new website, but across your whole business. When working with me, I prefer the following;

Don't use spaces in file or folder names

Instead, use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate words

Numbers are OK, but please avoid using special characters (e.g. * ! > )

The best way to handle the naming of different file versions is by utilising a suffix (e.g. companylogo-v2.svg).

Your Website Copy (text)

Does WJH Agency write content for clients?

You don't need to be the next J.K. Rowling, all you need is content that describes who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Make sure you write clearly and concisely. I will proof your content before it makes it to your website as well as using Grammarly to professionally check spelling, grammar, sentence structure, plagiarism and more.

Please provide your text as a Word, Pages or plain text (.txt) documents. PDF's, Excel, images, video and PowerPoints slow me down - so please don't send these. Please avoid inserting images into the documents - send these separately with logical file names. See "Naming Your Files" above!

Logos, Icons and File Formats

Vector format is the best format to send me your logos. These files typically have the suffix .svg, .ai or .eps - your designer should have these. Those file types provide the highest possible quality and the smallest possible size for logos, icons and illustrations. If you are unable to provide me with a vector file, then a .png with a transparent background, in the largest possible size shall suffice.

Don't worry about compressing or changing the format of your files; I've got professional tools to push, pull and squeeze files into shapes and sizes that work great on the web.


A website with well curated, high-resolution images looks fantastic. I can always make large images smaller, but making small images larger does you no favours. Pixelated images are a bad look, a look I avoid at all costs.

If you have a particular area you want the images placed on your website, then it's a good idea to indicate this in the file name (e.g. services-lawncare.jpg)

Don't worry about the file size of the images, I handle all the re-sizing and compression of the photos you provide to me, ensuring a quality finish, and fast loading speeds of your pages.


Videos are best held on a service like YouTube or Vimeo. These can then be embedded into your website. If you want them hidden from YouTube/Vimeo search, you can set them as private. Hiding them won't stop me embedding them into your website.

GDPR and Legal Text

Your website will need a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms of Use as a minimum. You're in luck, WJH Agency provides all my customers with a full GDPR compliance kit for free! Supplied by Leglao, the Online Legal Resource. While you have to fill your information in, this saves you loads of money on legal fees and gets your website online, faster.  

Useful Links

Dropbox (free & paid)

WeTransfer (free & paid)

Grammarly (free & paid)

Vimeo (free & 25% off paid)



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